Teaching Station: Extron Button Switcher

Classrooms with this style switcher

Newhouse 2:  469

Teaching Station:  Extron Button Switcher

In this video we take you through the basic process of operating teaching stations with the Extron Button style switcher.

  1. Turn on the projector by pressing the “ON” button on the extron switcher.  The projector will take 30 seconds to one minute to turn on.  When the “ON” button stops flashing, you can begin to select your source.
  2. Choose the source you wish to display by pushing the corresponding button on the switcher.  These teaching stations all have the following sources:  PC, Mac, Laptop, Document Camera, DVD/VCR and Aux Video.  Some rooms have special equipment available like DV Decks.
  3. You can hide the image on the projector by pressing the “Mute On“ button.  This will black out the projector.  Press “Mute Off” to go back to projecting your source.
  4. The volume for all sources can be controlled by the volume knob.
  5. At the end of your class, please turnoff the projector by pushing the “OFF” button.  The projector will shut down over a minute or two.
  6. If you are connecting a Laptop or an auxiliary video and audio source, use the input ports on the teaching station.  Please note cables and adapters are not provided at the teaching station.  You are required to bring your own VGA cable or RCA cable to connect to the teaching station.

If you have any problems with the teaching station, please send an email to newhelp@syr.edu or call  315-443-2436 to report the problem.