Teaching Stations: Avior Switcher

Classrooms with this style switcher:

Newhouse 1:  201, 205A, 206B, 206D, 206E, 206F, 407 

Newhouse 2:  150, 151,  275, 470, 482, 482A, 486, 491

Newhouse 3:  252, 253

Teaching Station:  Avior Switcher

In this video we take you through the basic process of operating teaching stations with the Avior switcher.

  1. Turn on the TV by pressing the power button on the left side of the television.
  2. When TV turns on you should see HDMI 1 displayed on the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  3. The volume controls for these teaching stations are located on the left side of the TV.
  4. On the Avior switcher choose the source you wish to display.  Select the source by pushing the corresponding button on the switcher.  These teaching stations all have the following sources:  Mac, AirPlay, HDMI, VGA, and Document Camera.  Some rooms have special equipment available like BluRay or DVD players and or a PC.

If you have any problems with the teaching station, please send an email to newhelp@syr.edu or call  315-443-2436 to report the problem.